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Varying Crawl Space Types in Midlothian, VA
Not all crawl space encapsulations are created equally. There are a variety of products on the market each offering different advantages and disadvantages. Homeowners are...
CleanSpace System and Spray Foam in Crawl Space - Midlothian, VA
This Midlothian Home Owner contacted us because they were interested in encapsulating their crawl space. They knew they had moisture and mold concerns as well as falling insulation...
Encapsulating a Vented Crawl Space in Midlothian, VA
This homeowner in Midlothian, Virginia called us at The Drying Company to discuss the odd, musty smells they have been experiencing inside the home. We sent out one of our...
Cellulose Insulation in Kilmarnock, VA Attic
This Kilmarnock, VA homeowner referred to us because they wanted to improve the insulation in their attic. They also wanted to achieve making the rooms in their home more...
Insulating a Metal Garage in Mattaponi, VA
Our customer built a new metal garage and was looking for options to insulate it so that they could use it as a workshop. The garage is 2,300 square feet, with all metal walls...
Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Insulation in Weems, VA
The owner of this Weems, VA building contacted us when they had concerns about moisture in the basement and crawl space. The building is a partially finished basement and...
Encapsulating an Irvington, VA Crawl Space
An Irvington, VA homeowner contacted us after having a service person in their crawl space that indicated there was mold growing. The homeowner was interested in treating...
Insulating a New Garage in Shacklefords, VA
This Shacklefords, VA homeowner contacted us because they had just constructed a new three-car garage that they wanted to insulate.  The garage was detached from the...
Keeping a Basement Dry in Saluda, VA
Water was entering this basement through the walls. Moisture moves through porous cinderblock walls and infiltrates the basement. This leads to a wet basement that has musty...
Remediating Crawl Space Moisture & Mold in Locust Hill, VA
A homeowner in Locust Hill, VA contacted us when they noticed moisture and mold in their crawl space. They were interested in having the space encapsulated, so we sent out...
Attic Air Sealing & Cellulose Insulation in Moseley, VA
Attic Insulation and Air sealing play a key role in the comfort and energy efficiency of our homes. A homeowner in Moseley, VA contacted us because they found that the insulation...
Cellulose Insulation in a White Stone, VA Attic
A homeowner reached out to us because they wanted to improve the insulation in their attic to make their White Stone, VA home more comfortable. The attic currently had fiberglass...
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