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Radon Mitigation System in a Sealed Crawl Space; Topping, VA
This Topping, VA homeowner was looking for a radon system in their crawl space. The homeowner previously had another company install a reinforced liner on the crawl space...
Drainage & Sump Pump in Chesterfield, VA Crawl Space
This Chesterfield, VA homeowner contacted us because they had concerns with water in their crawl space.  During our inspection, we found that there was a significant...
Hartfield, VA Basement Waterproofing
This Hartfield, VA homeowner reached out to us when they noticed that a wall of their basement was getting wet after heavy rains. It was beginning to damage the drywall and...
Addressing Moisture Issues in a Hardyville, VA Crawl Space
This homeowner in Hardyville, Virginia called us at The Drying Company to discuss possible issues within their crawl space and solutions to help fix them. We sent one of our...
Preparing a Deltaville, VA home for sale
This Deltaville, VA home was on the market when the seller reached out to us. They needed to have the crawl space fixed up before they could sell. At the inspection, we found...
Sealing off a Toano, VA Crawl Space from Moisture
This homeowner contacted us to address their concerns about water getting into their crawl space. Bulk water, high humidity and moisture are a concern in crawl spaces because...
Fixing Cold Floors and High Energy Bills in Toano, VA
This Toano, VA homeowner contacted us after receiving several energy bills for their new home. They had previously lived in a larger home in Yorktown, VA, and had lower energy...
Waterproofing a Toano, VA Basement
This Toano, VA homeowner has a partially finished basement but has battled some water infiltration into the space. They've been using a sump pump and dehumidifier to try and...
Air Sealing & Attic Insulation in Colonial Heights, VA
This homeowner had concerns about the insulation in their attic. It was impacting their comfort in the home as well as the efficiency of the home. At our inspection, we found...
Foundation Drainage in Gloucester, VA
This Gloucester homeowner reached out to us because they had concerns with water seeping into the crawl space. 
Sealed Crawl Space with Foundation Drainage in Gloucester, VA
This homeowner reached out to us because they had concerns about water seeping into their crawl space. At our inspection, we found that there was a significant amount of water...
Gutter Replacement with Gutter Shutter in Gloucester, VA
This Gloucester, VA homeowner wanted to replace the old gutters on their home and was trying to decide between replacing them with the same type of traditional 5" inch open...
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