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Give friend referral → You get $50* → Friend gets $50 off their project

As a valued customer and member of The Drying Company Family, we would like to thank you for choosing us. Our Appointment Center will reach out to the referred person to set an appointment at a convenient time. Thank you for believing in us, with your support we can do better and reach new heights!

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Give to Get Customer Referral Program

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  1. *We'll Donate $50 to a local Charity on your behalf* We'll choose charity in our community each quarter to send your donations to. This year we'll be donating to Heritage Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, Virginia Peninsula Foodbank, & Child Development Resources
  2. $50 off your next annual maintenance appointment
  3. $50 gift card for Darden Restaurants

You refer your friend to our services.

We contact your friend to set an appointment for a free estimate.

They have their free estimate appointment.

You get $50*, and they get $50 off their project.

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