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Testimonials for The Drying Co./Thermaltec

I had my crawl space done to help with the heat. Matt was great. He gave me an estimate months ago, but I didn't have the tax refund I thought I'd get to move forward. So we just did the work now. Matt was very thorough. He talked me through my options. I had several quotes but I went with Matt because he was confident and knew what he was doing!   The people who came out were real courteous. They did what they needed to quickly.      You all worked with my schedule. I'm very happy. 
Justin of Ruther Glenn, VA
Wednesday, August 13th
Tony Williams was great. Awesome would be a good word for him. He was a pleasure to meet, very experienced, thorough and he explained everything. The experience was good all the way around. The crews were great—I have nothing bad to say about them. The 3 man crew who did the liner worked non-stop until the job was done. Very polite. The 2 man crew, David and Moe, were very polite, personable, and at all times very pprofessional. I'd give them an "11." But you can oly go up to "10." They left eveything clean. I can already tell a difference in the humidity in the house, which was a reason why we had this encapsulation done. And yes, I will be a reference.  
John K. of Montpelier, VA
Thursday, March 15th
I’ve noticed an improvement in the house and I would do it again. I really appreciate all the help. My sales rep. was excellent. He spent a lot of time with us late into the evening. He watched us eat dinner, but he wouldn't eat anything though. The crew was really-really-really good. Excellent. 
Zachary B. of Glen Allen, VA
Wednesday, December 6th
It's been much warmer in the house since you insulated--which is what we were aiming for. They guys did a great job and left my house in perfect condition. 
David A. of Mechanicsville, VA
Thursday, March 27th
I would recommend you to family and friends. I picked you because our your company reputation, the sales representative and because you offered the best solutions. I'm happy with the crew and their cleanup. 
Bruce W. of Mechanicsville, VA
Monday, May 14th
Everette and Mike D. went above and beyond expectations. "They made Lemonade out of lemons." They did an exceptional job. Worked really hard and made sure everything was done to my liking. I will recommend The Drying Company to everyone. 
Alan R. of Manakin Sabot, VA
Wednesday, July 11th
Great job! Everything was completed to my satisfaction. 
David N. of Reedville, VA
Tuesday, June 19th
We had waterproofing done and the whole process was very good! The weather has been so bad, but your crew did a wonderful job and left everything right. After the waterproofing was done, Eric came to follow-up on the Smart Jacks project that you did. He did an incredible job-very thorough. He gave me a lot of insight and education. Everyone in the office was great. Marsha and Sylvia were very friendly and knowledgeable. I had a great experience and I'd be glad to be a reference for other potential customers. 
Noreen B. of Richmond, VA
Tuesday, February 13th
Eric Pass was professional and answered all of my questions. He and the team did a great job with our sump pump and digging job. Despite all the work, the basement was always clean and well kept. Our materials were taken care of that we store in the space and the guys laid ample plastic sheeting out for us. Crew worked very hard to get a large job done in a week. I am happy with work and clean up. Thanks!
Diane G. of Richmond, VA
Wednesday, March 14th
I am so excited to have had such a good contact with TDC! Everette and Kevin were absolutely amazing. They made us feel safe and secure every step of the way. We were thrilled to have your Field Manager come out to check on her crew, too. She was able to clarify a lot of draft issues we had on the first floor of our home, and we ended up going with a great option in our crawl space as a result of her, Everette and Kevin's diligent work. The men did a phenomenal job and we are so happy to have found this company! Definitely will refer. 
Deb K. of Richmond, VA
Thursday, December 21st
I called you because the corners of my house were shifting and cracking after a tree fell on our house last year. My salesman, Jamie, was very pleasant. The Gentlemen who worked on my house were very courteous and nice to work with. I was impressed. Now that the work is done, the hall doesn't sqeak like it used to. And I will be reference if other customers want to talk to me. 
Larla D. of Richmond, VA
Friday, May 25th
I am incredibly happy with the work Bassam, Mohammed and Mohammed Saeed did on our job. These guys worked so hard and did an amazing job with a very difficult crawl space. They communicated with me, as did Antonia, each step of the job. Antonia even scheduled with my electrician for my dehumidifier and electrical outlet. I couldn't have picked a better company. Thanks for all of the hard work!
Kathy T. of Richmond, VA
Thursday, December 21st
On the 3 technicians that completed the work: I really appreciate the attention to detail and professionalism displayed. As a consumer, it is extremely helpful to have the ins and outs of the work being completed explained to you and these fellows did that throughout the project. The lead technician, Bryan, pointed out several concerns related to my HVAC ductwork that I would have not been aware of otherwise and I'm very appreciative that he took the time to show me this even though it was not part of the project. The attention to detail was above and beyond! Thanks to these gents for getting the job done to my utmost satisfaction! Please share with the supervisory team. 
Nathan H. of Richmond, VA
Monday, May 21st
 Jamie was great. He didn't push, but explained the options and then let me decide, which was what I wanted. Not being pushy was one of the reasons why I chose you. I worked from home the day the crew came. I was surprised they were able to knock it out so quickly and efficiently. They were very professional. If you had gone outside into the yard when they were done, you would have never known they were there. I went into the crawlspace after they were done and could not find a single thing wrong. I would not have done anything differently. 
Ashton H. of Richmond, VA
Wednesday, March 14th
It's hard to find a good company that's honest and willing to help.  They just finished insulating my house and they were beyond awesome. They actually found some issues in my crawl and notified me immediately. I was able to get a plumber out before the end of the day. I looked under there and was like, whoa!  I was able to avoid some possible damage because of them. They were awesome, very respectful. There was a leak where you could barely see and they found it. They said, “You need to get this fixed within the next couple weeks before it turns into a bigger issue.” Then they found another issue. The pipe from the kitchen sink was also completely unsealed. I asked them to duct tape it until the plumber could arrive. And they did. They could have said, no that's not a part of my job description. I probably would not have been able to use my sink for the next couple of week if they had not fixed it. It was completely detached.   My cable company was under there today and they didn't say anything. They could have been the ones who damaged it--I have no idea.  And while they were working on my attic, I had to get in their way and they worked around me. I had to shift stuff from one side of the attic to the other while they were working. I had nowhere else to put it; I have a tiny house. They didn't have to wait for me, but they did. I even ordered them a pizza because they went out of their way for me. The salesman was awesome too. My whole experience with the company has been awesome. Every office staff you guys have all been pleasant and helpful and positive. I’m going to go on Facebook and tell about y’all. 
Joann H. of Richmond, VA
Tuesday, November 3rd
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