Case Studies

Insulation Services Case Studies

Insulating a New Building in Warsaw, VA
This homeowner was building on their property and contacted us to insulate the building. They planned to spend some time in the building, so they wanted to make sure it was...
This homeowner contacted us because they wanted to seal and insulate their home to make it more comfortable and lower their energy bills.   At the inspection, we found...
A homeowner in Burgess, VA wanted to improve the insulation in their attic. They had been experiencing rooms that were too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter and...
Adding Insulation to a Lancaster, VA Attic
This Lancaster, VA homeowner contacted us about having insulation installed in the attic. At the inspection, we found that there was no existing insulation in the space....
Insulating a New Garage in Shacklefords, VA
This Shacklefords, VA homeowner contacted us because they had just constructed a new three-car garage that they wanted to insulate.  The garage was detached from the...
Cellulose Insulation in a White Stone, VA Attic
A homeowner reached out to us because they wanted to improve the insulation in their attic to make their White Stone, VA home more comfortable. The attic currently had fiberglass...
Air Sealing & Attic Insulation in Colonial Heights, VA
This homeowner had concerns about the insulation in their attic. It was impacting their comfort in the home as well as the efficiency of the home. At our inspection, we found...
Air Sealing & Cellulose in a Hayes, VA Attic
This homeowner wanted to add insulation to their attic. They had noticed some uneven temperatures throughout their home and had been experiencing high energy bills. At our...
Cellulose Insulation in a Portsmouth, VA Attic
This home previously had a roof leak that damaged the insulation in the attic. The homeowner contacted us after the roof repairs had been finished to clean out the old insulation...
Energy Audit in Virginia Beach, VA
This homeowner reached out to us about performing an energy audit on their home. They wanted to make it energy-efficient, to keep their bills low and ensure the home did not...
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