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Insulation Services Case Studies: Insulating a New Building in Warsaw, VA

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 by Erin Dougherty
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This homeowner was building on their property and contacted us to insulate the building. They planned to spend some time in the building, so they wanted to make sure it was properly insulated, and air sealed to keep the space comfortable.


First, we air sealed the building. To do this we sealed around window and door gaps, bottom plates, and all utility penetrations. In the walls and rim & band, we installed R-21 of wall spray Cellulose insulation. Insulating with cellulose over fiberglass offers a higher R-Value per inch and is a great sound dampener. The second floor is treated like a conditioned or finished attic space. To insulate the slopes, we installed PVs (proper vents) to allow for proper roof ventilation. Then we netted the rafters and installed dense-packed cellulose insulation at an R-35.

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