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Blown-in Insulation Case Studies: Attic Air Sealing & Cellulose Insulation in Moseley, VA

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 by Erin Dougherty


Attic Insulation and Air sealing play a key role in the comfort and energy efficiency of our homes. A homeowner in Moseley, VA contacted us because they found that the insulation in their attic wasn't performing and had settled and become compressed over time. They wanted to make their home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, they also wanted lower energy bills. 


The current insulation in the attic was blown-in fiberglass insulation in some spots, and batt fiberglass in others, which had settled over time and had been acting as an air filter for all the air escaping the living space. Air escapes the living space through penetrations in the home's construction such as top plates, plumbing and electrical penetrations, and chimney chutes. 

First, we removed all the old, ineffective insulation. We then air-sealed all the gaps that were allowing air to escape and installed PVs (polystyrene vents) that allow attic ventilation to continue and keep the cellulose insulation from being disturbed by airflow through the soffits. We then installed a fresh blanket of R-49 blown-in cellulose insulation and insulated the attic scuttle access. The attic access is a big "hole" that allows warm air to escape to the attic in the winter and heat to radiate down in the summer. 

Properly air sealing and insulating this attic has made the home more comfortable and had an impact on its energy bills.  

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Insulation: Blown-In Cellulose

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