Basement Repairs: Part 2 - Your Options & The Cost

Basement Repair – The Options

When it comes to managing the water around your home and keeping your basement dry there are 2 approaches.

1.       Coatings (Interior or Exterior)

2.       Drainage Systems (Interior or Exterior)

Interior and exterior coatings are “paint on” methods. Most of them only last for about 5-10 years (not a good idea if you’re finishing the space) and require a lot of labor to properly prepare the walls so they even adhere and work as intended. Eventually these coatings will chip or flake and users often notice microbial growth on the back side of the flakes. When applied on the inside of the basement, they essentially trap all this moisture in the block instead of allowing it into the basement which can deteriorate the walls. Ultimately this method means a temporary solution to a permanent issue, which is exactly why The Drying Co. doesn’t recommend or use this method.

Your home already has an exterior drainage system, it’s not working, that’s why your basement is wet. Not only would replacing, repairing, or unclogging this system not be a permanent solution, but it also means digging up your yard and landscaping, one foot out for every foot down to be exact. That means if your basement is 6 foot underground, we’re digging down and out 6 feet all the way around your home to get to it. (The same goes for exterior coatings)

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This brings us to interior drainage systems. Less labor intensive than coatings and exterior solutions and less invasive to your property. With this approach you’ll only need to move your belongings a few feet off of the walls so the crew can work and in some cases make space for a lateral line through the center of the basement. The project can often be finished in a couple days (depending on the size of the project) and once the system is installed and the concrete replaced it’s like we were never there! Except your basement is cleaner, brighter, and healthier.

The interior basement waterproofing system used by The Drying Co. consists of a drainage track (WaterGuard) a sump pump system (sized to fit your home’s water problem), and a vapor barrier (CleanSpace). In some homes a dehumidifier may be necessary but not always. These three products work together to keep your basement dry all the time. It directs any water seeping into your basement down into the drainage system, to the sump pump, and away from your home. The system allows you to finish the space over it without worrying about damage to studs, sheetrock, flooring or paint. You won’t need to be concerned about the system clogging either – it’s designed not to, and the sump system and basin are sealed to keep moisture out of your basement and the pumps out of any sediment that may find its way in. With an optional battery backup you can also be sure the system can weather any storm.


How Much Does Interior Drainage for Basement Waterproofing Cost?

The cost of fixing your basement’s water problems can vary depending on what is needed. Every home is different which means there’s no one-size-fits-all solution or cost. If you’re getting prices over the phone for fixing your basement either you’re getting a bad price full of surprises for you later or you’re getting the “solution” that fits that price.

Here’s what we take into account when giving you an estimate for your basement repairs:

·         What’s causing the problem?

o    If you have water coming up through the floor, a solution for just the perimeter might not fix your problem, we want to keep your basement dry all the time not just sometimes.

·         What do you, the homeowner want?

o   Knowing your goals for the project and the space and what you’re comfortable doing all play a big factor in developing a solution for you and your home.

·         The square footage of the project 

o   We price on square footage (or linear footage) this means if your home is 1,200 linear feet, the price is going to be different than if it’s 3,000 linear feet of drainage.

·         Do you already have equipment in place that’s functional or does it need to be replaced or maintained?

o   Sometimes homeowners have tried other solutions or bought a new sump thinking it would fix the problem and don’t always need the full package.

·         How far below grade is your home?

o   Using CleanSpace we need to cover 6-8 inches above grade, if your basement is only 6 inches below grade on one side, you don’t need as much material and therefore it changes the cost of the project.

·         How much water is coming in your home?

o   This helps determine how big of a sump pump system you need. Your home may only need 1/3 hp pump because you get water but not a lot of water, while other homes have a big water problem and need a dual pump system.

·         Do you need a dehumidifier?

o   Not all homes need a dehumidifier in their basement, it varies based on the conditions of the space.

·         Are there any obstacles in the way of completing the project?

o   Are tree roots in the way of running a discharge line? Do steps need to be removed in order to install the system? Are there doors and windows that need to be addressed in the space?

·         Are there structural issues that need to be addressed?

o   If your basement wall is bowing and water is coming in, we’ll need to address the structure of your home not just the water.

Can you see how giving you an average cost of basement repairs over the phone or internet can be misleading and unfair to you, the homeowner making the investment? A lot of factors go into determining what is needed to address your concerns.

We’ve always worked on the principal that this is your home, no matter what we do at the end of the day, you’re living in it. So the solution has to be right for you, achieve your goals for the project, and work for your home. Assuming all of these different factors apply to every homeowner and every home is equal in problem and size is unfair to you and just makes us like every other contractor out there that you’ve learned not to trust.

We’d rather be transparent about our pricing and the solution for your home. This is why we offer free estimates to our customers. They are clear, line itemed, and come with a detailed description of what each item does and how it fits in your solution for your home. We answer any questions and show you samples of our products when we give you an estimate too. It’s your home and your investment. No matter what we do, you’re living there after we’re gone and we want you to be comfortable and confident in the solution you chose for your home and cost we’ve given you.


For your free basement waterproofing and repair inspection and estimate, call 1-833-933-3111. Want us to call you? Use our contact us form here.

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