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Basement Waterproofing in Tappahannock, VA

Basement Waterproofing in Tappahannock, VA

Before After
Basement Waterproofing in Tappahannock, VA Basement Waterproofing in Tappahannock, VA

Water has been seeping through these basement walls and causing moisture damage to the insulation on the floors above. The homeowner wanted to replace their insulation and waterproof the basement. 

We installed the WaterGuard system with SuperSump Plus and Ultra Sump Battery Back-up sump pump system and replaced the insulation on the floors above. 

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Top Work Places 2023
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Tappahannock, VA's Respected Basement Waterproofing & Crawlspace Repair Specialists

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Tappahannock’s trusted basement waterproofing & crawl space contractor

A wet or flooded basement in Tappahannock may seem like an overwhelming issue to overcome, but The Drying Co. can make overcoming this issue simple. Our skilled contractors can pinpoint the source of your wet basement and offer an appropriate solution that will leave your basement dry and healthy moving forward. We use state of the art technology that will return your basement to its glory. At The Drying Co. in Tappahannock, VA, we provide a number of services for your standing water problem, including:

  • Perimeter Drainage Systems
  • Waterproof Wall & Floor Products
  • Doorway Drainage Systems
  • Wall & Floor Crack Repair
  • Downspout Extensions
  • Sump Pumps
  • Frozen Discharge Line Prevention
  • And more!

We even offer basement insulation so that your basement can remain comfortable all year round. Contact us today at 1-833-933-3111 or complete the provided form to schedule your free estimate today!

Local crawl space repair company serving Tappahannock, VA

The crawl space is too often ignored by homeowners. It is hidden away. Out of sight, out of mind. But your crawl space can become a hazard that may decrease the safety, value, and indoor air quality of your home. Vented crawl spaces can turn into a hub for pests, mold, and debris. Air that passes through a contaminated crawl space can be transported into your home, leading to an unsafe and unhealthy home. Further, crawl space problems can result in sagging floors and uncomfortable drafts.

Luckily, The Drying Co. specializes in this exact kind of project. We are your trusted crawl space repair experts in Tappahannock, VA. We offer a variety of crawl space repair solutions, such as:

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifiers
  • Crawl Space Support Jacks
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • And more!

The Drying Co. understands the importance of a functional, clean crawl space and a dry, healthy basement. That is why we offer crawl space repair, crawl space insulation, basement waterproofing, and basement insulation in Tappahannock and beyond. We will provide tried and proven products that cater to your budget and style so that your home remains comfortable and dry for years to come. If your basement or crawl space is cold or wet, our contractors can help. Give us a call at 1-833-933-3111 to schedule a free estimate.

Gutters & gutter guards company in Tappahannock

The Drying Co. is a proud installer of gutter guards and gutters in Tappahannock. We offer the proven, durable Gutter Shutter system that is guaranteed to never clog or pull away from your home.

Our Gutter Shutter gutter system includes:

  • Gutter guards with a Lifetime No-Clog Warranty
  • Premium aluminum gutters with a high-back system to preserve your roof and shingles
  • Flow reducers and fully enclosed end caps, allowing maximum water flow without clogging
  • No-Pull Guarantee- Gutter Shutter won’t pull away from your home

Eliminate gutter clogging, sagging, and pulling- and say goodbye to water and roof damage caused by faulty, ineffective gutters! The Drying Co. provides free estimates for our proven gutters and gutter guards in Tappahannock. Schedule yours today!

Case Studies From Tappahannock
This homeowner contacted us because they wanted to replace the insulation in their basement ceiling. It was dirty, damaged, and falling away from the...
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Protecting a Tappahannock, VA Crawl Space From Ground Water

This homeowner contacted us because they noticed that the ground was holding a lot of moisture after rain or snow. They wanted to know their options for protecting the crawl space from future moisture damage.

At our inspection, we found mud and puddling throughout the crawl space. This indicates that water infiltration and moisture are certainly an issue. Water seeps through block walls, under the footing, and between the footing and walls. Moisture floods into the crawl space through open vents, water vapor rises from the ground and the block walls soak up ground moisture. Condensation occurs on ductwork and plumbing resulting in even more moisture. This moisture evaporates into the crawl space increasing the relative humidity.

Moisture is absorbed by the wood and fiberglass insulation in the crawl space. It is also pulled up into the living space because air flows upward in a house. As the fiberglass batts absorb moisture, the fibers of the material are damaged causing them to pull apart from one another and fall. The added weight of the moisture in the insulation causes it to fall away from the floor. This leaves the homeowner with cold floors in the home. The wood joists and subfloor are also absorbing moisture which can lead to wood rot which occurs at about 19% wood moisture content. In this crawl space, we did not see any signs of wood rot. However, the high relative humidity resulted in mold and mildew growth on the floor joists.

The homeowner already had concerns about what the moisture could do to their crawl space, and we were finding that it was already wreaking havoc. So, we helped them develop a solution to protect the home from moisture, prevent future mold growth, and have healthier indoor air quality and lower energy bills.

We first recommended cleaning out all the old materials and debris in the crawl space, then treating the mold growth. To treat mildew and mold growth, we use an antimicrobial solution designed to kill the microbial growth. Then we recommended installing an interior foundation drainage system. This system will address the bulk water entering the crawl space and send it to a 1/3 HP SmartSump pump, which will take it away from the home’s foundation and deposit it to a designated spot on the property. We found a drainage system to be necessary in this case due to the excess water coming into the crawl space.  

Next, we advised installing a heavy-duty crawl space vapor barrier. The vapor barrier would be sealed at all seams, wrapped and sealed around all piers and attached and sealed to the foundation walls 6-8 inches above outside grade. This will allow us to direct any water migrating through the block wall behind the CleanSpace and down into the drainage system. The CleanSpace will seal the crawl space off from the earth’s moisture and prevent water vapor from evaporating into the air.

We then recommended insulating the crawl space from the foundation walls with closed-cell spray foam or rigid foam board. This extends the thermal barrier of the home and reduces heat transfer through the foundation walls. All vents, the sill plate, rim and band, and utility penetrations leading to the outside would be sealed as well. An insulated Friction Fit Door would be installed behind the existing crawl space door. This would allow us to both air seal and insulate behind the crawl space door, which is otherwise a large hole for moisture and air to dump into the crawl space.

Finally, we recommend installing a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier. Even though we have done everything we can to seal off the crawl space from outside air, some air will still find its way in. Crawl spaces suck in air from the smallest holes and that outside air is warmer than the air in the crawl space during summer months, raising the relative humidity. The SaniDry Sedona regulates the relative humidity in the crawl space efficiently and effectively. The unit only cuts on when the relative humidity increases over the preset threshold, about 55%. It pulls excess air from the crawl space, filters the air, and circulates dry air throughout the entire crawl space. We would also provide the homeowner with a hygrometer to monitor the humidity and temperature of their crawl space from the comfort of their home.

This solution will help to protect their home from future damage to the crawl space and ultimately the foundation of their home. Giving them the peace of mind that the structure is durable and healthy. They will also have the added benefits of a more energy-efficient home, lower energy bills, and healthier indoor air quality.

Protecting a Tappahannock, VA Crawl Space From Ground Water - Photo 1Protecting a Tappahannock, VA Crawl Space From Ground Water - Photo 2Protecting a Tappahannock, VA Crawl Space From Ground Water - Photo 3
Spray Foaming Joists in a Tappahannock, VA Crawl Space

This Tappahannock, VA home had a partial crawl space and partial basement. One end of the home’s foundation was a couple of feet high, while the other end was tall enough to walk in. The homeowners used the taller space for mechanical equipment and yard storage. They had been experiencing cold floors in the home and drafts. They wanted options for their crawl space that would help make the home more comfortable.

At our inspection, we found that the walkout portion of the crawl space had a cement slab, while the rest was a dirt floor covered with a 6-mil vapor barrier. Despite not being properly sealed, the existing 6 mil was in fair condition. We also found efflorescence on the foundation walls indicating that moisture was seeping into the crawl space. There was little mold growth in the crawl space, but there was some moisture damage to the insulation that resulted in delamination.

After discussing the options with the homeowners, they determined they were most concerned with fixing their cold floors and drafts. They were not too concerned about the moisture, because the items they chose to store in the space were all outdoor items that were intended to be subjected to the elements. In this case, we determined that the best solution for the homeowner was spray foam.

We recommended removing the old fiberglass insulation and applying 3.0” closed cell spray foam to the subfloor. At 1.5” this foam product is a vapor retarder and air barrier. This offers the homeowner air sealing properties that will help reduce the drafts in the home. The vapor retarder will help to prevent moisture from migrating through the foam into the joists, subfloor, or the home. The homeowners will experience warmer floors in the winter, as well as improved energy efficiency.

Spray Foaming Joists in a Tappahannock, VA Crawl Space - Photo 1Spray Foaming Joists in a Tappahannock, VA Crawl Space - Photo 2
Work Requests From Tappahannock, VA
Project Location: Tappahannock, VA
Remove insulation and mold from a 1700 sq ft crawl space
Project Location: Tappahannock, VA
We want to finish our basement! We have painted the cinderblock with a drylok type paint, we've caulked and sealed the corners but we are still seeing a little bit of water coming in from the very rainy weather over the weekend. We aren't sure what to do next.
Project Location: Tappahannock, VA
I have an 1,100 square foot home that we would like cleaned and need new plastic.
Project Location: Tappahannock, VA
I am interested in sealing the crawl space of our new home. The ground seems to hold a lot of moisture after rain/snow so I would like to prevent any potential problems that may arise.
Project Location: Tappahannock, VA
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Project Location: Tappahannock, VA
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram