Work Requests in Midlothian

The Drying Co./ThermalTec is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Midlothian. Learn more about The Drying Co./ThermalTec's recent work requests in Midlothian and nearby areas!

Learn more about The Drying Co./ThermalTec's recent work requests in Midlothian, VA
Vicinity of Turnley Lane in Midlothian
We just had our termite inspection and they told us it needed to be replaced. They gave us an astronomical quote and we are looking for a more affordable option.
Vicinity of Lenox Forest Dr in Midlothian
Insulation installation
Vicinity of Vincent Lane in Midlothian
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation **This Is A NO CHARGE BrandBlaster Lead**
Vicinity of SEDGEFIELD TER in Midlothian
Crawl space condition/insulation/sealing Attic insulation may not be sufficient.
Vicinity of Sandgate Road in Midlothian
Want to have my crawl space enclosed and insulated as needed.
Vicinity of Quisenberry St Midlothian Va in Midlothian
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation **This Is A NO CHARGE BrandBlaster Lead**
Vicinity of Ducatus Dr in Midlothian
Basement garage walls get wer.
Vicinity of Shirlton Road in Midlothian
Our home was built in the 80's, is about 2300 sq ft, and is occupied all the time. Our electricity bill is huge and we don't know why. We have gas heat.
Vicinity of Chartstone Drive in Midlothian
Cupping evident in foyer
Vicinity of Shorewood Ct in Midlothian
Checking for moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of Shallowford Landing Terrace in Midlothian
Crawl space.upgrade.House 36 year old.
Vicinity of Galloway Terrace in Midlothian
I would like to speak to somebody about getting a quote for encapsulating my crawl space. Thank you.
Vicinity of Autumn Woods Court in Midlothian
Crawlspace repairs - mold, new insulation.
Vicinity of Sultree Drive in Midlothian
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Glen Tara Dr in Midlothian
Need old insulation removed new installed with vapor barrier and possible mold treatment needed.
Vicinity of Clipper Cove Rd in Midlothian
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Kingsmill Rd in Midlothian
I would like to get an estimate on waterproofing for my walk-out basement.
Vicinity of Hollow Oak Court in Midlothian
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Vicinity of Rock Harbour Road in Midlothian
Crawlspace encapsulation
Vicinity of Seven Oaks Terrace in Midlothian
Loyal pest control recommended moisture control in our crawl space due to dampness and mold. I'm looking for alternative quotes.
Vicinity of Bedwyn Lane in Midlothian
We do not have an encapsulated crawl space and are experiencing high humidity. Would like quote for addressing that plus a dehumidifier for the area.
Vicinity of Wave Lane in Midlothian
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Winterfield Rd in Midlothian
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Founders Bridge Rd in Midlothian
Attic gets very hot. Would like to get it to a point where it stays temperate so we can store valuable stuff up there without worrying.
Vicinity of Riverbirch Trace Rd in Midlothian
Seeking quotes for crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Follensbee Drive in Midlothian
Would like to get a quote on a crawl space dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Quail Hill Drive in Midlothian
Old insulation falling down in crawl space, possible, mold or mildew on floor joists
Vicinity of in Midlothian
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Water Race Terrace in Midlothian
Standing water in the crawl space with fallen insulation
Vicinity of St Thomas Court in Midlothian
Comment: Service Crawl Space Encapsulation Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Chepstow Road in Midlothian
Comment: Service Basement Waterproofing Source Facebook/Instagram
Vicinity of Stanford Court in Midlothian
Old sump pump (installed by previous owner, recently serviced for us by your co) not preventing/handling basement water. Need inspection of entire situation to diagnose problem and propose solution to prevent wet basement.
Vicinity of Pine Vale Place in Midlothian
Need to address two crawl space items from a home inspection report. Basically need to address issues in the crawl space area under our front porch including drainage, vapor barrier, and rust reconditioning.
Vicinity of Sika Lane in Midlothian
Vicinity of Fairlington Ln in Midlothian
Hi. We would like to finish our attic and convert it into a 500 sq ft living space. Many thanks MH
Vicinity of Hawkins Wood Circle in Midlothian
Upstairs gets hot in the summer due to hot air coming down from attic
Vicinity of Winamack Rd in Midlothian
I'd like to get an estimate for air sealing, adding blown in cellulose, adding ventilation to the attic space, and a specific concern regarding insulating an unfinished room over our garage. Thanks!
Vicinity of Brookforest Rd in Midlothian
New insulation in crawl space and encapsulation.
Vicinity of McTyres Cove Ct. in Midlothian
Need insulation redone in portions of two attics
Vicinity of Sandbag Terrace in Midlothian
Interested in encapsulation of crawlspace (soil)
Vicinity of KENTBERRY RD in Midlothian
Interested in insulating my crawl space to help with cold floors and pipes freezing
Vicinity of Westfield Rd in Midlothian
Its a 1300 sqft home with a crawl space that needs insulation. She is complaining of cold floors
Vicinity of Kendal Crossing Terrace in Midlothian
I would like to get a quote on insulation foam sprayed into my garage walls.
Vicinity of Spring Run Rd in Midlothian
Moved into our home a couple years ago, has always been drafty and temperatures uneven. Looking for some help pinpointing where air is leaking in/out and getting started on resolving the issues.
Vicinity of Castle Hollow Rd in Midlothian
We have a room that was converted from a Florida room to a bonus room by the previous owners. The room is very drafty in the winter. I went under the crawl space and they used r30 faced insulation. Most of the insulation is damp and has fallen from the joists. The rim joists are not sealed. Also the ground is around 18-24" from the joists which does not allow a lot of room to work with.
Vicinity of Mitford Dr in Midlothian
I'd like to insulate my attic.
Vicinity of Winterberry Ridge in Midlothian
Waterproof crawl space
Vicinity of Albion Road in Midlothian
Crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Viburg Court in Midlothian
We're interested in insulation for our attached garage. The room over the garage is cold in the winter and hot in the summer.
Vicinity of Glendower Road in Midlothian
Need crawl space barrier improved
Vicinity of Hidden Nest Court in Midlothian
Radon test came back positive. Need mitigation. I am a REALTOR.
Vicinity of Glenpark Lane in Midlothian
Crawl space insulation is falling in places, looking to get a price to replace it all.
Vicinity of Cambria Cove Blvd in Midlothian
Hi! I have 2950 sq. ft house with Crawlspace, 2 stories and an unfinished attic. I want to have an Energy Audit done. Thank you!
Vicinity of Barnes Spring Rd. in Midlothian
We're interested in possibly sealing our attic (which is only 6'3") to make the temp more steady for storage.
Vicinity of Breezewood Ct. in Midlothian
Nneed to prevent ice dams and add attic insulation
Vicinity of Kirkham Rd in Midlothian
I have two questions about your SuperAttic insulation system: 1) what is a typical R value for this system? 2) I have a two story colonial style house with an A roof that has neither a ridge vent or soffit vents. Should these items be installed prior to any SuperAttic installation?
Vicinity of Watch Hill Terrace in Midlothian
I would like to encapsulate my crawl space. Would need to inspect and fix trouble moisture areas prior.
Vicinity of Harbourwood Rd in Midlothian
My duct work is 'sweating' even though insulated and pools of water are forming on the black tarp. Also I can see beads of moisture on the bottom of the insulation
Vicinity of in Midlothian
Hello!We are selling our home and per the buyers home inspection he has requested us to do the following repairs: Repair or replace insulation, and have crawl space treated to eliminate all fungus growth.Repair or replace wadded up vapor barriers in crawlspace that are not covering entire crawl floor.Have all poly straightened out and entire crawl floor covered. We would like a quote if possible on performing these services.Thanks!
Vicinity of Oak Knoll Road in Midlothian
Vicinity of Huguenot Hundred Dr in Midlothian
Need crawl space encapsulated.
Vicinity of Foxvale Ct in Midlothian
Need a crawlspace estimate for drainage, sump and vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Stonegate Road in Midlothian
House built in the early 1980s. We purchased a few years ago and the insulation was falling and felt damp. Previous owners installed a B-Dry system, but the sump isn't working. Looking to remove existing insulation and install new, install vapor barrier and install operating sump.
Vicinity of Gates Mill Place in Midlothian
Free crawl space evaluation.
Vicinity of Shiloh Church Rd in Midlothian
Need estimate for spray foam for an attic and crawl space. The house is a single story 42 feet long by 25 feet wide. The attic is on 24 inch centers and the crawl space is on 16 inch centers. I removed all the fiberglass insulation in the whole house.
Vicinity of St. Thomas Drive in Midlothian
Cost of insulating the attic of small ranch house of about little less than 1300 square foot home.
Vicinity of Candlewick Ct in Midlothian
Need to repair and update insullation in crawlspace
Vicinity of Turnley Ln in Midlothian
Need insulation blown to reinsulate settled insullation
Vicinity of Reed Grass Lane in Midlothian
Wet crawl space on rental house.
Vicinity of Clintwood Rd in Midlothian
Attic re insulation
Vicinity of Netherfield Dr in Midlothian
Damp crawl space
Vicinity of Bayfront PLace in Midlothian
Some concrete block staining noticed , just want crawl space valuated for any moisture concerns to determine if any changes needed to keep it dry as possible
Vicinity of Knobhill Court in Midlothian
Crawlspace insulation, vapor bariier, mold and radon mitigation.
Vicinity of Meadow Chase Rd in Midlothian
My Gas and electric bills are very high. I've made certain changes/upgrades with little gain. I would like to a thorough analysis of my home's systems and infrastructure. Thanks!
Vicinity of Boxford Lane in Midlothian
I have a 32 x 24 pole barn style garage and need to get it insulated. Was wondering what you guys can offer.
Vicinity of Collington Dr in Midlothian
Would like an estimate on insulating three walls (facing outside) in an existing two car garage. The garage is finished and has drywall up. Thanks!
Vicinity of Old Otterdale Road in Midlothian
Need quote to add attic and crawl space insulation
Vicinity of Nuttree Wds Dr in Midlothian
Please contact me about an estimate on insulating my crawl space and getting rid of mold there also.
Vicinity of Evershot Drive in Midlothian
I have high humidity in my crawlspace and slight surface mold on my joists. I would like a quote to seal the crawlspace.