Work Requests in Mechanicsville

The Drying Co./ThermalTec is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Mechanicsville. Learn more about The Drying Co./ThermalTec's recent work requests in Mechanicsville and nearby areas!

Learn more about The Drying Co./ThermalTec's recent work requests in Mechanicsville, VA
Vicinity of New Ashcake Road in Mechanicsville
Addition insulation in garage attic to cover sprinkler pipe.
Vicinity of PoleGreen RD in Mechanicsville
1.fill air gaps between house and brick foundation 2.get estimate of gap fill 3. get estimate of floor insulation
Vicinity of Meadowview Lane in Mechanicsville
My tri-level home was built in 1961 and I want to get an idea of what kind of insulation it might be lacking in the two attics (one lower and one upper). Thanks!
Vicinity of Laurale Cir in Mechanicsville
I'd like to make my house more efficient to help lower electric bill.
Vicinity of Toms Drive in Mechanicsville
Want the crawl space to stay dry. Seems to have moisture problems
Vicinity of Blackbear Trail in Mechanicsville
We wanted to talk about getting our crawl space encapsulated and talk about potential re-covering/checking our duct work
Vicinity of Old Cavalry Drive in Mechanicsville
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Vicinity of Rosemary Drive in Mechanicsville
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Vicinity of Barnette Avenue in Mechanicsville
Attic and crawl space
Vicinity of Midnight Drive in Mechanicsville
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Vicinity of Hollycroft Ct in Mechanicsville
Garage insulation- rooms above garage are hot in summer; cold in winter
Vicinity of Lauralee Cir in Mechanicsville
I am purchasing a home and wanted to have the crawl space and attic inspected for a quote on any recommended moisture control or insulation work.
Vicinity of Sandy Valley Rd in Mechanicsville
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Vicinity of Westhaven Dr in Mechanicsville
I'm having a new roof put on this week and would like an estimate on insulation while everything is out of the attic. The insulation now looks like gray powder. It was put in in 1974
Vicinity of Bellspring in Mechanicsville
Buying home as a personal investment. Moisture in crawl needs to be inspected. Looking for someone with expertise
Vicinity of Seayfield Ln in Mechanicsville
I have a year old house, and the inside perimeter drain is not working, even we put a hose at one location and the water is not coming out, this means it's blocked at one point. I just need a cleaning service and fix the problem, I want to know how much it cost as well.
Vicinity of Princess Anne Dr in Mechanicsville
Floors cold in winter. house needs better insulation in crawl space.
Vicinity of Elliott Drive in Mechanicsville
Would like to get an estimate on attic and crawl space insulation. Not sure if I need to replace the attic or if it just needs more.
Vicinity of in Mechanicsville
I am looking for a quote to waterproof/dehumidify my crawlspace.
Vicinity of Ashley Manor Lane in Mechanicsville
Moisture issues in yard and possibly in foundation
Vicinity of Reunion Drive in Mechanicsville
Lots of moisture in my crawl space
Vicinity of Thelma Lou Rd. in Mechanicsville
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Vicinity of Verdi Lane in Mechanicsville
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Vicinity of Ferrill Court in Mechanicsville
6x12x8 trailer I need insulated before I install refrigeration to it so I'm looking for an estimate. Thanks Isley
Vicinity of Buckeye Rd in Mechanicsville
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Vicinity of Beatties Mill Road in Mechanicsville
Vicinity of Summer Hill Road in Mechanicsville
Water is pooling near the access door of my crawlspace. I wanted to see if something could be done to eliminate this and also have my crawlspace encapsulated. Thanks for your time and help.
Vicinity of N Shall Dr in Mechanicsville
Crawlspace under house
Vicinity of Midnight Dr in Mechanicsville
Mold in crawl space
Vicinity of Campaign Trail in Mechanicsville
I would like to insulate the crawl space under my sunroom floors and added room.
Vicinity of Lakevista Cir in Mechanicsville
Fiberglass insulation in crawlspace, continually falling and needing to be put back into place
Vicinity of Blackbear Trail in Mechanicsville
We have a 3500sq ft house with a very large crawl space that may be very damp. Looking for quote to better insulate and control the moisture.
Vicinity of Merle Smith Lane in Mechanicsville
Need crawl space insulated with the cellulose foam that expands.
Vicinity of Siege Rd in Mechanicsville
I would like to install a vapor barrier in my crawl space. There currently is one in the crawl space but it is worn and torn. Approximately 1040 sq. ft. Thanks.
Vicinity of Lee Davis Rd in Mechanicsville
Just started renting a home and our heat runs endlessly. Check on the insulation in the attic and there is about 2 inches of insulation. Wanted to check in on a price for blown cellulose for the attic as well as insulating the ceiling in the basement.
Vicinity of Jamie Court in Mechanicsville
I am realtor representing a seller and need a quote on installation of R-17 kraft faced fiberglass insulation in the crawl space (there is no existing insulation currently) and R-30 blown insulation in the attic (there is some existing insulation there). Is someone available to meet me no later than Wednesday to take a look and provide a quote?
Vicinity of Midnight Drive in Mechanicsville
I am looking to have insulation updated under our house in the crawlspace. A number of years ago we had water under there & the insulation in the back half of the house was saturated. It was removed and we left it that way in order for the floor joists to dry out. We had a drainage system installed under the house and a moisture barrier was put in. We now want to have insulation put in where it is missing & perhaps updated in the front of the house only if it is needed. I can be reached by phone after 4 PM. Thanks!
Vicinity of Avondale Dr in Mechanicsville
50 year old house needs to be air sealed and insulation added in attic.
Vicinity of Meadow Pond Drive in Mechanicsville
Hello, we are inthe process of finishing our basement and interested in spray foam. We live in Honey Meadows Subdivision behind Atlee High school. Thank you! PS: We already have the basement framed
Vicinity of Fairview Drive in Mechanicsville
Need attic space over 10 x 10 laundry room have blown-in insulation.
Vicinity of Hidden Lake Cir in Mechanicsville
Looking for an estimate on sealing my crawlspace
Vicinity of McClellan Rd in Mechanicsville
White and yellow unidentifiable powder in crawl. Doing a larger interior renovation. I would like a price to clean, treat, and encapsulate my crawlspace.
Vicinity of Pelot Place in Mechanicsville
Our space is damp and a lot of the insulation is falling out. I would like to have the space encapsulated and the insulation replaced.
Vicinity of Walnut Grove Rd in Mechanicsville
Soft spots in the floor, some floor joists may be wet. No vapor barrier under house. Dryer was not properly vented outside of foundation for many years (recently fixed) and no gutters on the house (gutters will be installed this month). Need to assess floor joist and subfloor damage and make repairs.
Vicinity of Legacy Lane in Mechanicsville
House finished in November 2013, however basement walls have never been 100% waterproof. House on a slope with walkout basement, and when it rains, the front wall shows signs of water.
Vicinity of Peanut Lane in Mechanicsville
Mold in crawl space (at the early start of growth), puddles of water from condensation
Vicinity of Greenline Court in Mechanicsville
Drafty house. Cold downstairs warm up when we cut heat on. Doors heavy air leaks.
Vicinity of Westhaven Dr in Mechanicsville
Home redo down to studs
Vicinity of Crossdale Court in Mechanicsville
Garage ceiling 28 ft wide 23 ft deep
Vicinity of Tangle Oaks Drive in Mechanicsville
Need my attic re-insulated with Cellulose insulation - a little under 1000 square feet - R-38. All existing insulation has already been removed.
Vicinity of Southern Watch Pl in Mechanicsville
We have what looks like mold on the ceiling in our upstairs bedroom and I would like someone to tell me what it is and what it will take to fix it please.
Vicinity of Burnside Ct in Mechanicsville
We have had drainage problems in our yard, and have recently repaired what was likely the biggest factor in groundwater not draining properly. Unfortunately, this is after water has backed up so badly it is rather prevalent under our home (with an un-vented/conditioned crawl-space.) I am looking to get an estimate for drying this thing out!
Vicinity of Teddington Lane in Mechanicsville
I need to run a beam in my attick to stablize the roof (house was built in 1820) and also add insulation to the attic and under the sink in the kitchen where we have had pipes freeze for the past 2 years
Vicinity of Pamunket River Farm Drive in Mechanicsville
Lots of condensation from AC unit.. vapor barrier trashed.
Vicinity of Drawbridge Rd in Mechanicsville
Need insulation re-installed that was removed due to water damage. Looking for estimate at earliest convenience. Thank you.
Vicinity of Hunterbrook Drive in Mechanicsville
I have about R-9 (3 inches) of loose insulation in the attic. Would like to take to r-38, at least. would like an estimate for adding insulation. measures 48 x26. thanks
Vicinity of Chamberlayne Road in Mechanicsville
Would like a quote to install Tripolymer Foam in 8 " Block at my home
Vicinity of Quailfield Court in Mechanicsville
Our floors are very cold in our living room. We have insulation under the house now but it has been there for over 20 years.
Vicinity of Gold Pebble Way in Mechanicsville
Looking for estimate on spray foam insulation for a crawl space.
Vicinity of HANOVER COURTHOUSE RD in Mechanicsville
Hi, I have a renovated older home (78) and they essentially built an upstairs into the attic so I have a walkin attic. I am fairly certain that I would need a Super Attic system ideally but I wanted someone to come out and price what it would be to get that done as well as insulate the crawl space.
Vicinity of Summer Walk Pky in Mechanicsville
Finishing third floor of home. needs insultion