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Attic Insulation - Ducts and/or Air Handlers in the attic

Ducts and/or Air Handlers in the attic
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Many homes are built with duct work in their attics, and they are subject to the conditions of the attic. A typical vented attic gets nearly as cold as it is outside in the winter and even hotter than outside temperatures in the summer due to the sun heating up the roof and that heat then radiating into the attic. A typical attic temperature ranges between 30 - 125 degrees F. As we pump heated air through our ducts in the winter, the temperature of the ductwork is significantly cooler than the air being sent to heat your home. The cold ductwork cools down the warm air being sent to the rooms in your home losing heat you paid for before it ever reaches its destination. This means it takes even longer to make your home comfortable, results in uneven temperatures in your home, causes wear and tear on your HVAC as it runs more to keep up, and results in high energy bills.

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