Rain Gutters - They're more important than you might think.

Rain Gutters - They\'re more important than you might think. - Image 1

Rain Gutters – They’re more important than you might think.

The primary purpose of your home’s rain gutters is to prevent mildew, mold, and water damage to your home. This is achieved by collecting and directing rainwater away from your home’s foundation and siding.

Why is this so important?

LOTS of water comes off your roof. In fact, a 2,500 square foot roof will shed 1,550 gallons of water in a 1” rain! Water weighs 8lbs per gallon – and all that weight causes your gutters to sag and pull away. Ice is heavy too and snow will block the flow of water.

Managing the rainwater that sheds off your roof during a storm protects your home’s foundation. Without gutters to do this job your roof will dump hundreds of gallons of water around your home’s foundation washing away soil and landscaping and allow tons of water to sit against your foundation and seep under your home. As this water seeps into the ground and against your crawl space or basement walls it increases the risk for water to enter your home and compromise the structural stability of your home.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters don’t do their job of protecting your home’s foundation, they just collect and dump water around your home as if they weren’t there. Clogged gutters that are full of wet debris are heavy and eventually begin to sag and pull away from your home making them less effective even when they are clean. As gutters overflow water washes behind them and can cause damage to the fascia of your home.

It’s recommended you clean your gutters at least two to four times per year, but this recommendation can vary depending on how much debris your gutters collect and how many trees are around your home. Your options for cleaning your gutters are to do it yourself or hire a service.

Cleaning your gutters yourself isn’t just another chore, it can be dangerous, you have to drag around a ladder and bucket and maybe even climb on your roof to get the job done. You can also hire a gutter cleaning service and pay someone to clear the gutters and down spouts, but be warned all the weight from the debris and water may have caused some separation in those gutters and when they’re clean you might notice some leaks.


Leaf Protection, Filters, and Guards

There are several different leaf cover options on the market, each with their own pros and cons.

-          Screens: These are wire or plastic grids that prevent leaves from getting into the gutter. They are installed under the shingles if your roof and held in place by the shingles. They could be dislodged in a storm, and it may void your roof warranty by prying up the lower row of shingles.

-          Micro Mesh: A fine mesh that is intended to let water in and keep leaves, pine needles, and debris out. They are installed under the shingles of your roof or by attaching them to your fascia. Still, they require some cleaning because small debris catches in the mesh clogging the system, most of these products come with a brush to help you clean them. So, they might keep leaves out, but the filter can still clog and requires cleaning.

-          Brush: These are like big pipe cleaners that sit inside your gutters and are intended to prevent large debris from getting into your gutters. To install, they are just placed in your gutters. While these may keep large debris out, small debris and sediment still collect in your gutters, the bristles can snag large debris and allow buildup, and these will still need to be cleaned.

-          Foam: A triangular piece of foam set in the gutter to help keep large debris out but let small debris and water run through. They are placed in the gutter at an angle to allow for this water flow. Foam gutter guards can become oversaturated and cause your gutters to overflow.

-          Reverse Curve: This form of leaf protection is a hood that uses liquid adhesion to allow water to run over the hood and into the gutter. Leaves and debris flow off the gutter and water enters the system. These types of systems are by far the best solution to keeping leaves, pine needles, and debris out of your gutters, especially if your yard has a lot of trees! Some of these systems are installed under your shingles, which could lead to roof damage. This solution is more expensive than other gutter guards and each different product or system has its own features that make them more or less effective than others.

Your Gutters Clean - Forever!

If you’re looking to prevent clogged, overflowing gutters, choosing a solution that means not having to clean your gutters, via a service or a brush provided by the manufacturer is the best way to go. For this, the Drying Company Offers 2 products; Rain Drop Gutter Guards or The Gutter Shutter Seamless Metal Gutter System.

Why did we choose RainDrop and Gutter Shutter? We tested several different gutter cover options, including a mesh and micro mesh, on our own homes, to determine what the right product to offer to our customers is. Controlling the water around your home is a big part of protecting your home’s foundation. Repairing foundations, basements, and crawl spaces is what we do, so having the RIGHT product for our customers was extremely important to us.

RainDrop – The BEST Gutter Protection in the world!

RainDrop is essentially considered a screen in the world of leaf protection, but this product had a plethora of features that made it stand out above the rest of the screens and meshes on the market.

-          Since 2000, RainDrop has held up in a vast array of climates and conditions throughout the USA, with out a complaint from customers.

-          Compatible with all roof types and gutter styles.

-          Water Capacity: Patented arched rib and grid configuration is designed to handle any storm that comes your way.

-          Charcoal Color Benefits: Its dark color provides the highest level of UV sun protection and it appears virtually invisible as a slender shadow along the gutter.

-          Best Material for The Job: Polypropylene is durable and resilient. It will not crush, dent, peel, or warp. Car bumpers are made of polypropylene because its TOUGH STUFF and holds up against the elements. It is resistant to mold, mildew, and salt spray. If a branch falls on them, they bounce back instead of denting. (Don’t believe us? Check out this video)

-          Precise Aperture Size: unaffected by pollen, pine tar, sap, airborne dirt, or roof granules. Any debris that sneaks through will not be of size to clog a properly installed gutter system. Perfect for pine, maple, and oak debris.

-          Perfect Ice & Snow Solution: Sliding ice damages gutters – but with RainDrop it slides right over and off!

-          Long-term Value: RainDrop pays for itself in a few short years by eliminating the dangers, costs, and need to constantly clean your gutters. It is the last gutter guard you will ever need!

-          Sleek forward sloping surface: Does NOT lay flat or below the front gutter edge, minimizing any debris buildup on top. Designed for low – to – no maintenance. Giving your home a clean well-maintained look.

Gutter Shutter – The Best Gutter System in the world!

Gutter Shutter is considered a reverse curve system. This is a seamless metal gutter with hood, also tested on our homes to ensure it was the right product for you and your home, Gutter Shutter has its own unique set of features that make it the Permanent solution to clogged, overflowing, or sagging gutters!

-          Guaranteed to never clog, sag, or pull away.

-          Exclusive High back system keeps water off your wood fascia boards.

-          Strongest Gutter Bracket In the world! Brackets support the back of the gutter, front of the gutter, and the hood.

-          Extra large 6” gutter size carries 20% more water than standard 5” gutters.

-          Hoods come with a perforated and non-perforated option. In the Williamsburg and Virginia Beach, VA areas, we recommend the non-perforated option due to all the pine trees and debris we tend to see during storms.

-          Installs under the drip edge, not your shingles.

-          The rolled hood utilizes liquid adhesion to keep debris out and let water in.

-          The hood is removeable, so if a tree limb falls on the house and you need to repair or replace a section, you can.

-          Laser Straight. The Heavy 032 aluminum is thicker than regular gutters to prevent sagging and distortion.


Say goodbye to clogged gutters, protect your home, and save yourself some trouble and money cleaning your gutters! Call 1-757-566-8622 to schedule a free estimate for the right – permanent solution for your gutters!

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