Save Money, Live Comfortably.

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Summers in our area are hot and humid, we're all cranking up the Air Conditioning to keep cool. But increases in energy costs have us rethinking just how cool we need to be.

Many of us are sacrificing our comfort to keep energy costs low or cutting back somewhere else just to be comfortable. We think you'll agree with us when we say, you shouldn't have to do these things just to be comfortable in your home!

Often, the cause of a homeowner's high energy bills and discomfort in their home can be found in their attic. When a home is built, there are dozens of holes made in the building envelope that allow conditioned air (the air YOU PAY to cool down and keep you comfortable) to escape. That air is then replaced with outside unconditioned air that you are paying to condition again. This cycle, known as The Stack Effect, continually repeats.

In the summer we're also battling extremely HOT attics that heat up like an oven and radiate that heat into the rooms below heating up the conditioned air in them. And if you have ductwork in the attic? You're heating up the air you're paying to cool down before it even gets to the rooms you're trying to cool. Can you see how all this can impact your energy bills and comfort? Your home is working against itself and you're paying more just trying to keep up, not to mention adding wear and tear to your HVAC system.

Not sure if your attic insulation is the problem? If you're able to you can always poke your head into the attic space and see what's there and pay attention to what you’re noticing around your home, there are signs that you’re losing energy and air through your attic even in your living space.


Looking in the attic:

  • If you can see the floor joists, you don't have enough insulation.
  • If you have unsealed can lights, you're losing a lot of conditioned air through them.
  • If the fiberglass insulation in the floor of your attic is dirty, it's a sure sign that air has been passing through the ceiling into the attic and collecting all the dirt and dust in the air.


In your home:

  • High energy bills
  • If you can feel a temperature difference below or around the attic entrance, there’s another source of energy loss.
  • Are some rooms below the attic hotter than others in the summer months? They might even seem impossible to cool down or you close them off, so they don’t impact other areas.
  • Does your HVAC run all the time or seem like it never cuts off?
  • Do you use portable fans to try and help cool spaces down?

Have you noticed some of these or still aren’t sure if the insulation and air sealing (or lack of) in your home is the cause of your high energy bills? Our team offers free evaluations and estimates of your attic space! We’ll go into the attic for you to see if your home can benefit from air sealing and insulation.


In fact, if your home would benefit from these improvements, THE PROJECT PAYS FOR ITSELF IN ENERGY SAVINGS! We guarantee it! Want to learn more? Check out our Smart Money Guarantee.


Save Money, Live Comfortably.


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