GutterShutter vs. Traditional Gutters

Buying Gutters for your home is an investment, understanding your options and how different types of gutters can impact your home is key in your decision making. Gutters don’t just divert water after all. Properly installed and clean gutters can help you avoid foundation problems, poor drainage, soil erosion, water problems, rotten wood, and even insects and critters. 

Improperly channeled roof water can result in significant and costly structural, concrete, and foundation water penetration issues within your home. Water that sits against your foundation can get into your basement or crawl space causing mold, wood rot, and musty odors, and can cause soil erosion against your foundation. Many of the traditional gutter systems we are familiar with pull away from the home as they bear the weight of the debris clogging them and the water filling them when it rains. Clogged overflowing gutters are rendered ineffective and cause rainwater to pool around, against, or under your home.

GutterShutter outperforms traditional gutters on paper and on your home. Check out these key differences between The GutterShutter Seamless Metal Gutter System and Traditional 5” or 6” gutters. 


Traditional Gutters

 GutterShutter Seamless Metal Gutters with Hood Being Installed  Traditional 5 inch gutters filled with leaves and debris

6” Gutter Size Carries 20% more water Than standard 5” gutters

Standard 5” or 6” Gutters

 Guaranteed to never clog, sag, or pull away

Typically, only a limited warranty on labor and installation (often 5-10 years)

Perforated and Solid hood without perforation options

No hood

Rolled hood keeps debris out and lets water in with Liquid Adhesion

Collects Debris

Keeps water off the wood Facia with a high back

Allows water to damage facia

Installs under drip edge

Installs under shingles

5-point mounting system with two 3” screws every 24”

¼” screws into facia

Strongest Gutter Bracket in the world that supports the back and front of the gutter and the hood.

Brackets attach to facia with 1/4” screw and support the front of the gutter only

Wide mouth outlet 4x bigger than standard gutters

Small hole in the bottom of the trough that clogs easily.

Looks like crown molding


Seamless trough

Sections joined using seamers.

3” x 4” Downspouts (12 square inches) getting water out fast and resisting freezing or clogging.

3” x 2” (6 square inches) clogs easily and can freeze easily.

Heavy .032 Aluminum is thicker than regular gutters to prevent sagging and distortion.

About .0255 thick.


Traditional 5                                  GutterShutter (L) vs Traditional 5

Traditional 5" Gutter Bracket (L)                                         GutterShutter (L) vs Traditional 5" Gutter (R)

vs GutterShutter Bracket (R)                                                                          


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