10 Reasons to Fix Your Wet Basement

Monday, March 23rd, 2020 by Erin Dougherty

WaterGuard Drainage System & CleanSpace interior Waterproofing Solution10 Reasons to Fix Your Wet Basement for Good

A damp, musty basement isn’t good for your home or you. It causes you stress and is an entire area of your home you paid for and can’t use. Keeping your basement dry all the time, can offer numerous benefits to you and the life of your home.


  1. Reduce Energy Bills – damp air takes more energy to heat and cool. HVAC systems are inefficient at dehumidifying air. Keeping your basement dry makes it easier to heat and cool and in the spaces that require a dehumidifier, the small expense of running the dehumidifier only when you need it is more than covered by energy savings.
  2. Be More Comfortable in Your Home – Air is sucked in at the bottom of your home and escapes out of the top through the stack effect. Not only does this make your home energy inefficient, but it leaves you with drafts, cold floors, and uneven temperatures throughout your home. Stopping or slowing the air that is pulled in at the bottom of your home reduces drafts, saves energy, and, makes your home more comfortable.
  3. Reduce Indoor Allergens – mildew/mold can aggravate asthma and allergies, and in some cases, prolonged exposure to mold can actually cause asthma.
  4. Save your Hardwood Floors – high humidity can buckle your hardwood floors. Controlling the humidity in your home protects your floors.
  5. Protect your Carpets –As humid air carrying allergens rises through your home, your carpets absorb some of the moisture and odors and your home may smell musty or feel damp.
  6. Prevent Dust Mites – Dust Mites are the number 1 indoor allergen. They don’t drink water but instead absorb moisture from the air. They live in carpeting, bedding, and furniture and only live when the humidity is above 50%. When humidity is below 50%, they die but leave behind larvae that hatch when it gets damp again.
  7. Increase the Value of Your Home – buyers expect a dry basement, you’re going to have to fix it at some point, so why not take advantage of the benefits yourself?
  8. Add the Rec Room you always wanted – Waterproofing your basement allows you to finish the space without worrying about water damage and costly repairs. You also get to create the craft space, rec room, or gym you always wanted; the possibilities are endless!
  9. Create Storage Space – Even if you don’t want to finish your basement, or don’t want to finish it right now, you can use your basement for storage without worrying about your belongings getting damaged or mildew/mold growing on it.
  10. Protect your Roof – the stack effect tells us that humid air is sucked in at the bottom of the home escapes out of the attic. As this humid air escapes, it can condensate against a cold ceiling or roof resulting in microbial growth and wood rot.

Keeping your basement dry all the time can improve the comfort, health, energy efficiency, and durability of your home. It gives you the peace of mind that your home is protected and prevents the need for more costly repairs down the line. It also adds valuable, useable square footage to your home.

If you have a leaky basement and want to keep it dry all the time, call The Drying Co./ThermalTec at 1-757-566-8622 or click contact us.

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