What causes Mold in the Attic & How can I Prevent it from coming back?

Thursday, February 27th, 2020 by Erin Dougherty

Microbial Growth in AtticMold in the attic can be a huge problem and you might not even know it’s happening.

When we heat our homes in the winter months, warm air rises and leaks into the attic space through un-sealed gaps and penetrations in the ceiling. Air leaking into the attic space along with inadequate insulation allows for warmer temperatures to meet the cold roof deck and causes condensation. Condensation leads to rusty roof deck nails and can eventually cause mold growth and wood rot.

In the summer months, especially during the rainy season, our vented attic spaces bring in warm, humid air through the soffit ventilation which raises the relative humidity above 60%. The wood framing and roof deck absorb the moisture from the humid air which eventually can cause mold growth and wood rot. 

When we treat mold growth in an attic, we use a two-step solution called Mold-X2. Step 1 is Mold-X2 Cleaner, which effectively eliminates mold and mildew stains on contact. It is non-abrasive and non-flammable and is sprayed on the affected areas. Once Mold-X2 Cleaner is applied, mold disappears within seconds, leaving the sprayed surfaces looking almost new. Step 2 is Mold-X2 Botanical, which is a plant-based disinfectant with a pleasant, temporary scent that also gets sprayed on the affected areas. This helps prevent the mold from growing back.

Mildew/Mold growth on Attic RaftersTo further mold prevention, and make homes more comfortable and energy-efficient, we then air seal and insulate the attic. This happens either from the attic rafters or from the floor of the attic, depending on how you want to use your attic space in the future. Proper air sealing and insulation helps prevent the loss of conditioned air, making your home more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Often homeowners don’t know they have mold in their attic, but you might experience symptoms in your homes such as high energy bills, uneven temperatures throughout the home, and the HVAC unit running frequently.

While these symptoms don’t always mean you have mold in your attic, they do tell us you’re losing a lot of energy and spending too much on your energy bills.

If you’re noticing any of these symptoms at home, call us to schedule your free home energy evaluation.

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