Not All Crawl Space Encapsulations Are Created Equal Part III - Sealed Vents, Rim & Band, and Sill Plate

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 by Erin Dougherty

Crawl Space Vents

Sealed Vents, Rim & Band, and Sill PlateCrawl space vents are a big factor in letting moisture into your crawl space. Sealing and insulating these vents is an effective way to keep moisture and pests out of the crawl space. However, some homes are located in a flood zone and completely sealing these vents is not an option. This is where homeowners can install flood vents which stay closed unless waters rise high enough to trip the interior float mechanism which allows the vents to open and stabilize the water pressure on the home.

Rim & Band and Sill Plate

Sealed Rim & Band, Sill Plate, and Crawl Space VentsSealing the rim and band and sill plate is a big part of sealing the crawl space and preventing moisture and air from entering the space. By sealing your crawl space as much as possible you are helping control the relative humidity and temperature, which in turn provides Durability to the structure and Healthy Indoor Air Quality. The sill plate is where the frame of your home meets the foundation. More often than not, these two do not sit flush leaving a gap between the foundation and the home’s frame. This gap allows pests and moisture to enter the crawl space. By sealing the sill plate, we are preventing pests and moisture from entering your crawl space through this gap. This also leaves the fill 1.5-inch face of the sill plate visible, meeting Virginia Building Code and allowing pest companies the visibility needed to perform termite and pest inspections. 

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