Crawl Space Moisture in Providence Forge, VA

Monday, March 20th, 2017 by Erin Dougherty

Crawl Space Moisture in Providence Forge VA - Image 1One major issue homeowners in Providence Forge, VA face is mildew/mold in their crawl space. Due to a high relative humidity in the area, vented crawl spaces become the ideal environment for this issue.

If you have a home that sits on a crawl space chances are, that it has: vents, fiberglass insulation between the joists, and a thin vapor barrier. This is what is usually installed during new construction. The problem is, areas like Providence Forge, VA have a high relative humidity, in summer months, which results in high humidity, moisture and condensation in the crawl space. This condensation which builds up on wood, in the insulation, and on top of the vapor barrier. This moisture enters into the crawl space from vents, the ground, through the foundation walls, and HVAC equipment.

The buildup of moisture in the insulation coupled with gravity causes it to sag and fall. Moisture that has accumulated on the joists has the ability to grow mildew/mold and results in wood rot which can compromise the stability of your foundation. Not only does this mold growth have a negative effect on your crawl space, but it can become airborne and enter your home through ductwork and the stack effect.

By sealing and conditioning your crawl space we can control relative humidity and moisture to prevent mildew/mold from growing with the help of a dehumidifier.  

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