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The Drying Co. / ThermalTec participated in Inspire 2016, a convention which brings Home Performance Contractors together to optimize their business and better serve customers. It is held by the award-winning Basement Systems company each year for all the home performance contractors in their network. Every contractor is independently owned and operated. Each business owner voluntarily chooses to become what is called an authorized dealer, which means they have access to exclusive, patented products and industry trainings. 

A fun part of the network is the friendly competition among contractors. During the convention, awards are given based on annual sales. Each sale reflects a family served and a home made more comfortable, durable, and energy efficient. This year, The Drying Company was honored to be named  #10 out of 100 Dr. Energy Saver dealers. During the awards ceremony, Mike Eruzione encouraged the crowd using stories from his experience. Eruzione is best known as the captain of the US ice hockey team in the 1980 Winter Olympics game defeating the Soviet Union. In the famous “Miracle on Ice” game, he scored the winning goal!

Mike Eruzione holds Olympic jersey   Team Receives Award

Another benefit of the convention is learning from the victories and challenges other home performance contractors face. Contractors come from all over America and Canada and provide services ranging from foundation and crawl space repair, insulation, radon mitigation to duct sealing. The Drying Company is eager to research and adopt best practices in order to better serve customers in greater Hampton Roads and Richmond. 

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