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Fixing Cold Floors and High Energy Bills in Toano, VA
This Toano, VA homeowner contacted us after receiving several energy bills for their new home. They had previously lived in a larger home in Yorktown, VA, and had lower energy...
Foundation Drainage in Gloucester, VA
This Gloucester homeowner reached out to us because they had concerns with water seeping into the crawl space. 
Sealed Crawl Space with Foundation Drainage in Gloucester, VA
This homeowner reached out to us because they had concerns about water seeping into their crawl space. At our inspection, we found that there was a significant amount of water...
Mitigating Water in a Moon, VA Crawl Space
This Moon, VA homeowner was referred to us when they were having problems with an encapsulation that was previously installed in their home by another company. The current...
Encapsulating a new Crawl Space in Surry, VA
This homeowner in Surry, VA called us at The Drying Co./ThermalTec to have us encapsulate the crawl space of their new home, knowing that it would save them from the stress...
Insulating a Yorktown, VA Crawl Space
We were contacted by this homeowner because they believed their crawl space had been encapsulated incorrectly. At the inspection, we found mold growth in the crawl space,...
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Yorktown, VA
This Yorktown, VA homeowner contacted us when they decided they wanted to encapsulate their crawl space. They were referred to us by one of our long-time customers after noticing...
Stabilizing a Kitchen Floor in McKenney, VA
This Mc Kenney homeowner contacted us because their kitchen floor was sagging, and they wanted to see what could be done to stabilize and lift it back up. To determine what...
Stabilizing a Crawl Space Foundation in McKenny, VA
This homeowner in McKenney, Virginia reported that his kitchen floor was sagging and asked us to inspect the crawl space and foundation. We sent out one of our experienced...
Sealing and Insulating a Newport News, VA Crawl Space
This homeowner in Newport News called us out to inspect their crawl space for possible moisture issues and damage. We sent out one of our well-trained Home Performance Advisors...
Sealing & Insulating a Crawl Space and Between Floors in Carrolton, VA
This Carrolton, VA homeowner contacted us after battling concerns with mold growth between their first and second floor and in their crawl space. They had already had the...
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