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Testimonial Photo by Rachel S.
Dear Mr. Tetreault: Your company just completed to projects in our crawl space, a “conditioned crawl space” and a joist repair. I don’t often write letters to a company’s leadership commending their employees. With your company, I will make an exception. Our first contact with your company was with Mohammed Saeed, one of your salespeople. He answered all our questions…and we had a lot of questions. In fact, he made a second visit and amended some of his design based on our concerns. He was able to explain his design as well as the process and was very flexible in working with what we already had in place in our crawl space. The next person I had contact with was Sylvia Gatewood who explained in detail the basics of what would happen and told us exactly how the job was scheduled. I called her many times. She was always polite, efficient and always very prompt in returning my calls. The first crew that showed up was the trenching crew headed by Eric Pass. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen people work as hard as Caleb, Alex, and Eric, all three of them never seemed to stop. Not only that, but Eric seems to know something about EVERYTHING! The next crew was the crawl space crew, Adel, Omar and Mohammed II. These three people were amazing to watch as the ripped out the old insulation and tied it up in huge bundles. Kevin Reis then showed up and had the same crew finish up the job. Keven is exemplary; his standards and his attitude are amazing. Everyone I’ve had contact with has been extremely professional, hard working and really good at communicating. It was refreshing to see not only how the crew members got along with each other but how the different crews seemed to respect the work of the others. I never heard one employee ever criticize the other. They all seemed to just want to do a good job. It really seemed to be that simple……to work hard and make the homeowner happy. In fact, when Kevin was under the house with the second crew, Mohammed [Saeed] came by (to have me sign the papers for the second project). While he was here, he (Mohammed) went under the house and helped them finish up the job. I understood later that Kevin showed him something about insulating the area under the bay windows so Mohammed can incorporate that into his future designs and estimates. I’m sure no company is perfect, but your company has some of the best people I’ve run across with the best work ethic and level of professionalism I’ve just about ever seen. I’m sure no one ever commends you, just your employees, and they deserve their accolades, but corporate culture starts at the top. I admire what you’ve managed to build……….a team, a real team. Thank for the work and for the finished product!! 
Rachel S. of Henrico, VA
Thursday, March 14th
If you haven’t gone into your own crawl space before and after The Drying Company has encapsulated it, you have missed seeing a miracle.  Thanks to Matt for being willing to answer the two dozen questions I had (after having done my own research and after reading the books he provided).   A special thank you to both Chris and David who were responsible for the actual transformation of my crawl space.  They were professional and focused on doing a good job.  They described what they would be doing each day and were always courteous and pleasant. I don’t know how they managed to do this work in an environment with such limited headspace! I appreciate their commitment to their job and for creating a healthier environment in my home.
Paula H. of Chester, VA
Monday, February 13th
Both of the installation teams exceeded my (our) expectations in that they were personable, informative, and professional, in addition to being highly skilled workmen. It felt more like family was performing the work. Thank you. 
Doug M. of Mechanicsville, VA
Thursday, September 26th
Testimonial Photo by Robert B.
I could not have been more pleased with the professional workmanship that the team that came in from The Drying Company/ ThermalTec to handle the job. There was absolutely no debris left. They did an excellent job of cleaning up and sealing the entire unit. And it only took them a couple days to take care of the job.
Robert B. of Williamsburg, VA
Friday, March 3rd
Matt, I just wanted to get back with you about the check of my crawl space last Friday.  I am so glad that my neighbor recommended The Drying Company last summer.   Chad was terrific.  He was patient and courteous, checked out the outside and the inside, took photos of the rodent damage for me to pass on to the HVAC folks, and checked around the HVAC system to locate the entry point.  He even reported to me that he had something to talk to his guys about; he moved a sensor (I think that's right) farther from the dehumidifier.  Now, he did not need to tell me that because I'd never have known, but it's a testament to the honest, get-it-right approach of the company.   [Mike H.] came yesterday and he even helped the HVAC guy (who came back to replace a worn part in the heating unit) fix the damage to the duct insulation.  The ducts weren't actually compromised.  The rodents had been shredding the insulating layer, apparently for nesting material.  Mike baited the area and hopefully, the problem will be eraticated (spelling intended) within the week.   I just thought you might want to know that I am grateful and impressed.  Thank you for the swift response to my call last week, to Chad for his assistance and recommendation, and for hooking me up with a quality contractor for pest control. If you ever have a prospective client who wants to talk to someone before deciding, feel free to give them my contact info.  
Karen H. of Williamsburg, VA
Wednesday, January 29th
Testimonial Photo by Sue & Gene G.
We want to commend one of your service members, Mike O'Bier, who visited us the first of May to discuss the services of our company. We have never written such a letter as this to any company who has provided services to us in the past, so this a first for us! We just wanted to let you know your company is very fortunate to have Mike O'Bier. We were considering several companies who would replace the insulation under our home as we had been told by our Pest Management Control Company that the insulation there needed replacing. Mike came representing your company and shared with us the we would get if we went with The Drying Company. We were very impressed with what he told us about your company, however, we had decided we would not make a decision about which company with whom we would go until we talked with representatives from three other companies. Needless to say, after further conversation with Mike we decided then and there we would go with the services of The Drying Company. We appreciated Mike's honesty to all of the questions we asked and we were impressed with his friendliness and his patience with us old people and all the questions we had. He never gave us the impression of being in a hurry to talk with us and spent quite a bit of time with us; especially listening to my husband who due to his health does not get out often and thus spent quite a bit of Mike's time just talking to him! This was the first time we had ever met mike but due to his presentation and manner, we went with your company as we felt we could trust him. We will recommend your company to our friends and family and will especially recommend Mike to serve as their performance advisor. Your company received our bsiness because of Mike and his talk and advice to us regarding your services. Sincerely, Sue and Gene
Sue & Gene G. of Virginia Beach, VA
Tuesday, June 19th
Whole job quite professional starting with Gary Macdonald and concluding with 6 days of crews. 
William O. of Williamsburg, VA
Sunday, November 17th
They are the best: so polite, work very excellent, cleaned well, very professional, both Bassam and Alaa. 
Molli M. of Williamsburg, VA
Tuesday, November 19th
Very fast and friendly. Answered all our questions. Very pleased.
Marguerite M. of Midlothian, VA
Wednesday, February 5th
Your guys came today and will foam tomorrow. I want to single out Bassam for outstanding attention to detail, and his interest to please. His workmanship and work ethic carried the project! Thanks for sending him! 
Jack P. of Midlothian, VA
Friday, April 26th
Eric has been such a thorough professional through all of the work done in our home. I definitely would like him to be recognized and commended in any way that he can be. Plans have been made for me to schedule a follow-up appointment for him to come back in April to check the levels before we have the cracks repaired and the walls repainted. We are very appreciative of the work completed and are waiting for the plumbing to be strapped; scheduled for today at some point. Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Cheryl W. of Glen Allen, VA
Thursday, December 17th
Daniel was very professional and did a fantastic job! 
David S. of Henrico, VA
Friday, January 3rd
Did a great job. Very pleasant and cooperative! Did a great job of cleaning up and leaving everything perfect.
Gerald M. of Henrico, VA
Tuesday, November 9th
 Jamie was great. He didn't push, but explained the options and then let me decide, which was what I wanted. Not being pushy was one of the reasons why I chose you. I worked from home the day the crew came. I was surprised they were able to knock it out so quickly and efficiently. They were very professional. If you had gone outside into the yard when they were done, you would have never known they were there. I went into the crawlspace after they were done and could not find a single thing wrong. I would not have done anything differently. 
Ashton H. of Richmond, VA
Wednesday, March 14th
On the 3 technicians that completed the work: I really appreciate the attention to detail and professionalism displayed. As a consumer, it is extremely helpful to have the ins and outs of the work being completed explained to you and these fellows did that throughout the project. The lead technician, Bryan, pointed out several concerns related to my HVAC ductwork that I would have not been aware of otherwise and I'm very appreciative that he took the time to show me this even though it was not part of the project. The attention to detail was above and beyond! Thanks to these gents for getting the job done to my utmost satisfaction! Please share with the supervisory team. 
Nathan H. of Richmond, VA
Monday, May 21st
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