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Mohammed Saeed

The Drying Co./ThermalTec

Title: Home Performance Advisor

Hometown: Babylon, Iraq

Mohammed Saeed from The Drying Co./ThermalTec

Mohammed has been part of The Drying Co. team since 2017. He began working in the Production department learning to install our products and solutions. After a year, he became one of our Home Performance Advisors and has taken great pride in helping customers achieve their goals.

In 2004 Mohammed served as a Translator for the U.S. Army during the Iraq War. In 2012, he came to Williamsburg, VA to visit and fell in love with the area. He has since become a U.S. Citizen. He says his time as a Translator has taught him a lot about communication and active listening. He later worked as a Certified Maintenance Technician for Honda, which has made him more mechanically inclined and allows him to dissect problems to determine the root cause and develop a solution.

He joined The Drying Co. team when some of his friends joined the company. He had a background in construction and manufacturing and wanted to build upon that knowledge. “The Drying Co. has provided training and support tools that I can use in my daily work and my academic studies.” Mohammed’s day to day position includes listening to customer’s concerns and goals, inspecting their attics, basements, and crawl spaces for insulation, water infiltration, and air leakage.

“I like meeting different people every day and helping to provide them with the right solution to make them happy and comfortable in their home.” Mohammed is always eager to go the extra mile and help customers. He says he is proud to work with The Drying Co. because of “constant growth and success, integrity and having a great team to work with.” He would tell any potential applicant that if they want to work as part of a team and be recognized and appreciated every day then they want to be part of The Drying Co.

In his free time, Mohammed is an Undergrad Student taking online courses in Business, enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids, walking the dogs, and taking care of their home. 

Customer Reviews
About Me
  • By Rachel S.
    Richmond, VA

    "You've got a couple of super-stars in your company - & you have a whole company of employees who seem dedicated to doing a..."

    Customer Review

    By Rachel S.
    Richmond, VA

    You've got a couple of super-stars in your company - & you have a whole company of employees who seem dedicated to doing a good job. Kudos to you, Steve Tetreault. 

  • By Willease A.
    Richmond, VA

    "Great Job!"

    Customer Review

    By Willease A.
    Richmond, VA

    Great Job!

  • By Mike
    Richmond Va, WI

    Customer Review

    By Mike
    Richmond Va, WI

from customers I've helped!
  • ""I don't often write letters to a company's leadership commending their employees. With your company, I will..." Read Full Testimonial

    Rachel S. of Henrico, VA

    Customer Testimonial

              Dear Mr. Tetreault: Your company just completed to projects in our crawl space, a “conditioned crawl space” and a joist repair. I don’t often write letters to a company’s leadership commending their employees. With your company, I will make an exception. Our first contact with your company was with Mohammed Saeed, one of your salespeople. He answered all our questions…and we had a lot of questions. In fact, he made a second visit and amended some of his design based on our concerns. He was able to explain his design as well as the process and was very flexible in working with what we already had in place in our crawl space. The next person I had contact with was Sylvia Gatewood who explained in detail the basics of what would happen and told us exactly how the job was scheduled. I called her many times. She was always polite, efficient and always very prompt in returning my calls. The first crew that showed up was the trenching crew headed by Eric Pass. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen people work as hard as Caleb, Alex, and Eric, all three of them never seemed to stop. Not only that, but Eric seems to know something about EVERYTHING! The next crew was the crawl space crew, Adel, Omar and Mohammed II. These three people were amazing to watch as the ripped out the old insulation and tied it up in huge bundles. Kevin Reis then showed up and had the same crew finish up the job. Keven is exemplary; his standards and his attitude are amazing. Everyone I’ve had contact with has been extremely professional, hard working and really good at communicating. It was refreshing to see not only how the crew members got along with each other but how the different crews seemed to respect the work of the others. I never heard one employee ever criticize the other. They all seemed to just want to do a good job. It really seemed to be that simple……to work hard and make the homeowner happy. In fact, when Kevin was under the house with the second crew, Mohammed [Saeed] came by (to have me sign the papers for the second project). While he was here, he (Mohammed) went under the house and helped them finish up the job. I understood later that Kevin showed him something about insulating the area under the bay windows so Mohammed can incorporate that into his future designs and estimates. I’m sure no company is perfect, but your company has some of the best people I’ve run across with the best work ethic and level of professionalism I’ve just about ever seen. I’m sure no one ever commends you, just your employees, and they deserve their accolades, but corporate culture starts at the top. I admire what you’ve managed to build……….a team, a real team. Thank for the work and for the finished product!!
    Rachel S.
    Henrico, VA
  • "With confidence we look forward to the work to be performed in the next three weeks." Read Full Testimonial

    Gracie B. of Portsmouth, VA

    Customer Testimonial

              The advisor (Mohammed Saeed) was very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. He not only explained what needs to be done but also provided with detailed pictures of our house crawlspace. With confidence we look forward to the work to be performed in the next three weeks. Overall: AQuality: AResponsiveness: APunctuality: AProfessionalism: APrice: B
    Gracie B.
    Portsmouth, VA

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