Charles City County

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 by Dwayne .

Charles City County

To the west of The Drying Co./Thermaltec’s world headquarters in Toano is the historic and beautiful Charles City County.

Charles City was established in 1619, was one of Virginia’s first 4 boroughs, and was named in honor of Prince Charles- who would later become King Charles I. 

Charles City is a great place to visit for history buffs. Especially recommended would be The James River Plantations located on State Route 5 along The James River. These plantations are all privately owned with many being open to daily traffic.

Plantations open to the public include Shirley Plantation (Home of The Carter Family and includes descendants of Robert E. Lee), Edgewood Plantation and Harrison’s Mill, Berkeley Plantation- where William Henry Harrison, the 9th President of the United States was born in 1773, Westover Plantation, Belle Air Plantation, and Sherwood Forest Plantation.

Some of the plantations not open to the public include Evelynton (Home of the Ruffin family and current Patriarch Saunders Ruffin), Oak Hill, and Greenway Plantation. John Tyler- the 10th President of the US was born at Greenway Plantation in 1790 and purchased Sherwood Forest where his descendants still live today.

The Drying Company is proud to service homeowners from this majestic and historical county. For more information on Charles City County, please click one of these links:

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